Welcome to the Spanish-English Translations 1500-1640 database

The database can be interrogated in two main ways, either through a search form or a series of indexes, which are listed below and are also available from the “Select an index...” list. Clicking on the Database Home and Indexes link returns to this page.

Main indices
PeopleA list of the authors, translators, printers etc. who feature in the database.
TextsAlphabetical list of the translations.
Search FormThere is also a link to the search form in the title frame.

Other useful indices
Date RangeSpecify a chronological range, to find out what was translated when.
DedicateesAn index of the patrons, sponsors and dedicatees of Spanish translations.
IDReferences are sometimes made within the database to other records according to their ID, this index will allow you to follow these references up.
LanguageUseful for finding multilingual texts including Dictionaries, or records of original where these have been included.
LocationThis allows you to see the translation holdings of particular libraries, although not complete.
Person by Role Look at those involved in translations through their role from authors, translators or printers to editors, contributors of prefaratory material and so on.
Place of PublicationUseful for exploring the activities of continental presses like St Omer or Louvain.
STCThis allows you to search on Short Title Catalogue number.
StyleFor those interested in literature and fiction, an index according to genre, translations of poetry, drama or prose.
Textual TypeLook for particular kinds of texts from Books of Chivalry or Botany, to Counter Reformation literature and News.
Title Word(s)This allows you to do a title word(s) search.