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Robert T. C. Goodwin - Publications


  • Robert T. C. Goodwin A Taste of Spain. Hove: Wayland.1994.
  • Robert T. C. GoodwinAlimentos del humanismo. Madrid: T F Editores, forthcoming 2005.

Journal articles

  • Robert T. C. Goodwin. 'Es ist ein wunderlich Ding': New World miracles in the Old World. forthcoming 2004.
  • Robert T. C. Goodwin 'De lo que sucedió a los demás que entraron en las Indias’: Alvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca and the other survivors of Pánfilo Narváez’s expedition.' Bulletin of Spanish Studies (forthcoming).

Chapters in books/Articles in collections

Papers and lectures

  • Robert T. C. Goodwin. ' Columbus and the Cannibals.' Re-mapping the Rise of the European Novel Conference. Oxford. 2001.
  • Robert T. C. Goodwin. 'Texts and Miracles in the New World.' Travelling Texts: Spain and Latin America, University of Stirling, September 2002.

Digital resources


  • Robert T. C. Goodwin. 'Review of Robert Irwin, The Alhambra / Ian Robertson, Richard Ford: 1796-1858. Hispanophile, connoisseur and critic .' Art Quarterly (June 2004).


  • Robert T. C. Goodwin. Food, Art, and Society in Early Modern Spain. London (KCL), 2001.
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